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Sponsoring Options

Would you, or your company, like to sponsor a community by providing them with solar electricity?

Solar energy is abundant in South Africa and you can help to utilise this energy to create solar electricity.  We provide the perfect solution to an outreach program, which is designed at providing solar electricity to disadvantaged people, who do not have access to grid electricity. To have electricity means that children can do their homework after dark while their parents through media access (radio and TV) can be informed members of the society. In addition, the combination of living in houses made of wood and straw and the use of paraffin lamps and candle lights presents a major fire hazard. Therefore, by making a donation, you can offer a whole family a safer living.

With only 500 Euro you can improve the life of a whole family considerably. The original capital layout is used to cover the following expenses: the solar panel (50-60 watt), battery, regulator for vending and maintenance purposes afterwards, lights, switches, globes,  installation-, transport- and admininistration costs.