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Solar Accessories

For home applications or when you plan to go somewhere where there is no electricity.

  • Solar torch and radio: Solar powered LED torch with two light modes, radio and alarm clock.
  • Solar mobile charger harnesses free energy from the sun and uses it to charge mobile phones. The charger can be used during the day when there is sunshine but also comes with batteries to store the power for use at night.
  • Solar fridge & freezer: These ultra high efficiency refrigerators and freezers have exceptionally low energy consumption requiring smaller and less expensive power systems. The fridge & freezer runs on a single 75 W module. This is possible with a DC voltage of 12 or 24 V, where no inverter is needed. Solar Vision can provide these systems in the sizes of 165 and 225 litres.
  • Thin-film flexi solar panels: ¬†lightweight, flexible solar panel by Unisolar (68 and 128 W). A great power source for camping, caravanning and boating. Flexible, durable, no glass, shadow tolerant, weather, seawater and vandal resistant.